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Home Paint Kit

Our home paint kits contain all the equipment you will need to create a pottery masterpiece.  Kits are available to loan , with a refundable deposit (Max £30) which will be refunded when the kit is returned intact.   Remember to order one kit per painter.


A typical Kit for one person includes: 

12x Paint Pots (volume dependant on amount of pottery purchased)

3x Paint Brushes per kit

1x Sponge per kit

1x Paint Palette per kit

1x Disposible Apron per kit

1x Water Bowl 

1x Colour Chart

1x Laminated Instructions


Where items are 'per kit' this will be multiplied by how ever many kits you loan - other items come with one per kit/box for all painters to share. 


Please do not mix paints in the bottles, use the palettes provided and do not throw away any empty bottles (or rinse remaining paint out of the bottles) - I refill these to minimise waste.

If you know you would prefer some colours instead of others, this can be arranged - please contact me. 

Home Paint Kit


Home paint kits (and paint bottles) are supplied in good faith with a small refundable deposit - which will be returned when the full kit is recieved back.  All items should be in the returned in the condition which they were received in.  Breakages or lost items will be individually charged and deducted from the deposit.  


If a home paint kit is not selected at checkout it is assumed that you have the items required to decorate your pottery (i.e. brushes, mixing palettes etc) at home and the paint will be supplied in disposable pots to ensure nothing but the pottery is expected to be returned when it comes to firing. 

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