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Wax Warmer

The wax warmer makes a wonderful, functional home decor item. Add a tea light or a votive candle to the inside of the warmer, and add to the top, scented oils, wax melts, or wax potpourri tarts for a fragrance that'll warm the home. Design may vary!


Please note: care should be taken when using this item and it is suggested, to avoid any risk of fire, that it is used with a battery operated candle.


Painting at Home Equipment Kits i.e. brushes, sponges, palettes etc:

Please remember to select the number of paint kits you require to paint your piece(s) i.e. if you are ordering four mugs to be painted by four people you should select 4 kits, if you are selecting four mugs to be painted by one person you should select 1 kit. This will add a refundable kit deposit to your order (refunds will be given once the kit is returned intact).


If you do not require a kit, and you have all the painting tools you need, the amount of pottery you order will always come with the correct amount of paint i.e. you can order four mugs with one paint kit and I will give you enough paint to cover the four mugs.

Wax Warmer


As per our Returns Policy, all purchases of items which have been personalised are non-refundable, although we will always endeavour to rectify any reasonable issues which may occur.


In the event that a problem occurs during the glazing or firing process a full refund will be issued within 14 days of the problem occurring. 

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