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Welcome to the SHOP section of the Pots & Paint website.  The bulk of what we offer to paint will sadly never make it onto this section of our site - simply because as soon as we get a shape - it sells out!


We only keep the basic shapes which we *should* always have in stock available online.  We carry some shapes (such as the figurines), which may vary slightly from the image shown - this is because our suppliers sometimes have updates in design.  If you want a dog, you will get a dog - but it may look slightly different to the one shown.  


If you are concerned, please contact the studio and we will be happy to email you a photo of our current design.  If in doubt, drop into the studio - we carry over 120 ranges of pottery at any one time and you are welcome to pre-order your paint at home kit (so we have the right amount of paint and paint kits waiting for you) and choose your pots on collection! 

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