Child or Pet Prints or Print Art

Pottery painting is a great way to quickly take your babies prints and keep a chronicle as they grow.  You can do this by either ordering one of my paint at kits to do yourself at home or you can come along to one of my community sessions and I will happily help you to capture your little ones print. I find plates, mugs, coasters and hangers are great for this, but just about any of my homeware shapes can be printed on.  

If you are a little unsure, or don't have time to add lettering to your piece I can do this for you - I charge an additional £1.50 per word.  I can also turn your prints into print art for an additional £3 per print.  Please contact me before you purchase a home paint kit so I can make a custom listing for you to include any extras you would like.  


If you run, or part of, a baby or toddler group, I would love to visit your group and take prints for everyone - just contact me to make a booking (minimum purchase required for venue visits).