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Child or Pet Prints or Print Art

What better way to quickly take your babies prints and keep a chronicle as they grow?!    You can do this by either dropping into the studio with your little one, where our staff will happily help you to capture your little ones print or ordering one of my paint at kits to do yourself at home . We find plates, mugs, coasters and hangers are great for this, but just about any of our homeware shapes can be printed on.  

If you are a little unsure, or don't have time to add lettering to your piece we can help with this too!  From £5 we can add the lettering of your choice or from just £3 per print we can also turn your prints into print art. 


We also run seasonal BABY ONLY sessions, where you can book and bring your little one to get the prints of your choice.  Each person will get one on one time with a member of the Pots & Paint team to get all the prints you want.  


If you run, or are part of a baby or toddler group, we would love to have your group visit the studio and take prints for everyone, while you enjoy a coffee and cake from the bar.  Or, if you'd prefer we can arrange a visit to your venue (pottery must be pre-ordered) - just contact the studio to make a booking.  

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